Web Development

While this list is by no means exhaustive, these are the few tools I use regularly and, therefore, reckon you will too.


Of all the available web development tools out there, w3schools never lets me down. If ever I can't work something out, there is a very high likelihood that w3schools has already put together a practice tool demonstrating how to implement the solution I'm looking for.


"Lightening fast modular css with no side effects" ... or so they say. And frankly, I think they're right! Basscss has proven time and time again that it is light and ticks all my modular boxes.

MAMP: My Apache - MySQL - PHP

By installing a local server on your computer, you're able to test out just about everything on your web-build before going live. Because we are working with WordPress themes, testing before publishing is absolutely integral. MAMP it before you AMP it.


This free FTP solution is as good as they get. While this free open source software, beware the add-ons they try to sneak in! FileZilla is great, but BEWARE the add-ons, they're useless.

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AMP Specific

While most of these are likely common knowledge by now, I'm adding them here as a shortcut so you don't have to track them all down individually. If you learn of other AMP Specific tools that you think should be added to this list, please reach out and let me know. I'll update accordingly.

AMP Project

The open source initiative started by Google themselves. As they stated, they're goal is to make the web better for all. AMP Project provides the lastest documents, reference materials, and tools available today.

AMP By Example

This is a great resource for practicing the techniques specific to building with AMP. Can't work out a bit of AMP, see working AMPed examples here and even modify them onsite to test your ideas.

AMP Start

Find free working AMPed templates and components. AMP Start can provide some much needed inspiration for your new client leads.

AMP Playground

The AMP playground offers you incredible opportunities to truly play with your code pre-launch. Is something that SHOULD be working, NOT working for you? Head over to the AMP Playground and test your code. While local images won't render, everything else should. If it works here, perhaps it is a hosting issue and once your site is live and hosted on a server on the web, it'll work just fine.

AMP Validator

AMP validation comes with several hoops to jump through. Not sure if your work will validate? Why not test your AMPed code here? Other validators are out there, but only one is built by the AMP Project developers themselves.

Editing and Other Tools

These are the tools I use for editing my pages. Hope you find them useful.

Sublime Text

This free-to-trial-for-almost-ever editor is better than all the rest. Sublime Text brings just about every aspect an editor could want, but even better than that, it is totally customizable and modifiable.

UnCSS Online

To stay within the limitations of AMP, your CSS cannot exceed 50kb. There is no room for bloat. UnCSS your unused styles particularly if you started with a framework that offers way more than needed for that specific page.

Minify Code

Compressing your HTML & CSS is integral to running a fast page. But doing it yourself is totally unnecessary. Minifiy your Code with these guys and be done in a flash.


Either install a pre-built WordPress theme, or build one from scratch.


Ready to install WordPress onto your local machine, first you'll need to download the latest version from WordPress.org

Installing WordPress Locally

Very simply put, this page teaches you how to install WordPress on to a local machine. The simple steps are clear. For a quick reminder, come back here every time.


If you're looking to build your very own WordPress theme, underscores is where to start.

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Google Tools

Google has so many tools for developers that it would fill an entire page. So I'm just including the few that correspond directly to your needs for this course only.

Test My Site

Want to know how long your page takes to load and how many visitors you've lost because of it? Test your site speed here!

PageSpeed Insights

Another tool to check how well your page is built. The results are graded slightly differently here. Find out how well your page scores out of a hundred.

Affiliate Programs

Just to be clear, if you choose to purchase any of these items, I might be rewarded (like the price of a coffee) in some shape or form!

That said, I personally use these tools; otherwise, I would NOT be recommending them.

If you do choose to become a user of one of these providers, please know that I am super stoked you like them as much as I do. Great minds think alike, right!?!


MailMunch captures leads from your website and converts visitors into life-long readers, email subscribers and customers. Mailmunch has prebuilt forms and landing pages making integrating these 3rd party forms into your AMPed pages slick and seamless.


MailChimp is a marketing automation platform that helps you share email and ad campaigns with clients, customers, and other interested parties. Mailchimp offers a forever-free plan that is the perfect place to start and doesn't cost anything until and unless your subscriber list grows over 2k. After that point, their prices are super competitve!


Need beautiful free graphics and images? Pixabay provides thousands upon thousands of CC0 (attribution free) photos, videos and images. Become a contributing partner and remove the banner ads!

Reseller Hosting

The free reseller hosting program.Start your own hosting business in 3 easy steps. Dive into the hosting business with minimum effort!

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